Oil Waxing

Oil Waxing in Pitampura

Waxing gives you the confidence of flaunting your hair free body. There are different kinds of wax available in the skin and beauty market. Oil waxing is considered to be a profound way to keep your body soft and smooth. It is done when the heating oil begins to transform to gel, and before it actually becomes viscous to flow, wax particles already begin to form in the fuel. This renewed kind of wax has made us the supreme oil wax service providers in Pitampura, Delhi.


Waxing is a specialized process that slowly reduces the growth of hair, so the more often you wax your body, the slower is your hair growth. Oil wax is known to be made from natural ingredients like sugar, lemon and water, which are beneficial for your skin and it also helps remove skin tan over a period of time. In order to remove ingrown hair completely from the roots, one must use oil-based wax as it helps form a better grip and last to provide the hair removal deeply from the skin without being irritating to skin as compared to the regular, sugar-based wax. We are termed as the best salon for oil waxing maintaining all the previxed rules of the beauty industry. 


The oil based wax hair removal treatment is very helpful in getting rid of the stickiness and doesn’t leave wax residue. It is suitable for almost all types of skin, including the soft and sensitive skin. Oil wax is beneficial for the skin as it promotes the glowing skin. It also slows down the growth of hair and removes the smallest of the hair, by snatching it off the hair follicles. This specialized oil based wax formula has made us the best and renowned oil wax service providers in Pitampura, Delhi.

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