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Colorphlex is a newly launched hair treatment that will reduce the amount of chemical damage done to your hair and help maintain the strength of your relaxed hair. We provide the best and suitable colorphlex treatment in Delhi. ColorpHlex can be used before keratin treatment to reduce, lower or repair the damage previously done to your hair. Colorphlex is a professional bond building system made with our specially formulated ColorStrong Complex, which is a combination of a naturally driven vegetable protein and a copolymer system, that repairs previous damage and produces strong, silky hair. This treatment makes us the best colorphlex treatment providers in Pitampura, Delhi. 


Colorphlex hair treatment increases hair strength by four times if it is to be believed, returning hair to its natural healthy state. It reduces hair breakage and damage caused by the frequent hair coloring or bleaching process. It is a naturally derived vegetable protein molecule that penetrates into the hair shaft filling, bonding and protecting.

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Colorphlex hair treatment is even considered to be better than Olaplex. ColorpHlex protects and strengthens hair during the color and bleach process, as well as an individual hair treatment. Our supreme and well defined colorphlex hair treatment makes us occupy the position of best colorphlex hair treatment salon in Pitampura. This treatment helps in reducing hair damage and breakage. Though the process is the same as that of a conditioning treatment, Colorphlex is more advanced. We are known to provide the best colorphlex treatment in Pitampura, Delhi.