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Global, the term itself signifies the meaning of full or complete. Global as the term says stands for covering Full Head. Some people like to go for one colour overall whereas some like to stand apart and cherish highlights or streaks of their favourite colour. These global highlights and streaks service are provided in  Rohini and we are considered to be the best salon for global colour with highlights When we apply colour or highlights full head we call it Global Highlights and Global Hair Colour. The main difference is that in highlights thin hair strands or segments of hair are taken to apply color and streaks involve thicker volume of hair. We are the best makeup studio to offer global highlights or streaks in Rohini. 

Benefits of highlights/streaks

Highlights and streaks offer a great way to refresh your appearance and add a zing of your favourite colour to your hair without having to colour your whole head. These global highlights are readily offered in  Rohini at best prices. Different segments of hair are coloured to create depth and texture and lighten the overall look. A lighter hair color can help you to look youthful or you can even go for dark and vibrant shades for a bold look. 

Best services of global highlights and streaks in Rohini

Highlights have an incredible impact on your overall appearance, giving your hair dimension and enhancing your beauty. You can choose your global highlight colour and shades as per your skin tone. By simply adding the right color of streaks highlights to your hair, you can adorn a pretty and modern look whenever and wherever you go. We are the best makeup studio to offer global highlights with streaks in Rohini.